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Cryptoheros Sajica Welcome to Cichlids World, site dedicated to most popular aquarium fishes. Cichlids are one of the most beautiful, colorful and interesting fishes. There are more than 2500 species of this wonderful fish, 1300 of which are described and more than 500 of which are kept in aquariums. Most cichlids are freshwater fishes, although there are several saltwater species too.

In nature cichlids are met in Central and South Americas and mostly in African Great Lakes: Malawi, Tanganyika and Victoria. Different species of cichlids grow from 2,5cm to 1 meter long. In nature most cichlids live in big lakes and tropical rivers with very clean water. Most cichlids are predators that eat smaller fishes, snails, insects and anything else that they can find. Small cichlids species are much harder to keep than big species.

Why Cichlids

african cichlid 2 I believe that cichlids are most clever and interesting aquarium fishes. One of the most interesting things in cichlids is that many species can recognize their owner. I have been keeping cichlids for several years and know for sure that it is true. When I come near the aquarium they come and look at me, but when a stranger comes they hide or try to attack him.

And of course it is very interesting how cichlids take care and protect their fry until they grow up. In that period they try to attack anyone who comes near the aquarium, and if there are other fishes in the aquarium except the pair with eggs/fry you should be very careful and if necessary move other fishes to a different aquarium so that they don't get killed.

Cichlids are always interested in what happens near their aquarium, watch people that come near. There are even species like Midas cichlids, Red Devils, Astronotuses or Frantosas who play with the owner. No matter what cichlid you choose to keep, American cichlid, African cichlid, a big cichlid or a dwarf cichlid, I am 100% sure you won't regret, because every single cichlid is beautiful and interesting it its way. Keeping most cichlids is harder than keeping usual aquarium fishes, but it is worth it.

In This Site

In this site you can find information about many cichlids species sorted by categories and you are very welcomed to ask your questions in the forum or share your knowledge and photos of your wonderful cichlids.

Right now we have 147 cichlid profiles available. New profiles added daily.

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