African Cichlids

african cichlid African cichlids come from three African Great Lakes: Tanganyika, Malawi and Victoria. They are a little harder to keep than American cichlids. African cichlids are usually smaller that American cichlids and are kept in groups.

They are very popular among aquariumists because they are the most colorful freshwater fishes in the world. African cichlids are also more aggressive and territorial than American cichlids. It's better keeping together cichlids that are originally from same lake so that they will all feel comfortable with the aquariums water hardness and temperature.

Very interesting thing about African cichlids is that most of them are "maternal mouth brooders" which means that they keep their eggs and new born fry in their mouth for protection. All cichlids from lakes Malawi and Victoria belong to the same group - haplochrominae.

Despite American cichlids in most African cichlids species it's the female who takes care of the fry. Small African cichlids are native to South African lakes. Their females are smaller and are more colorful than males. These species are usually kept in groups.

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