American Cichlids

Amphilophus Citrinellus American cichlids are very popular among aquariumists because they are rather easy to keep, they have very beautiful colors and interesting behavior. Most American cichlids are rather big and need big aquariums to feel comfortable. In aquariums from 200 to 400 liters only one pair of big cichlids should be kept as they are very territorial.

These cichlids are one of the most clever fishes in the nature. Big American cichlids leave rather long, up to 17 years. Small species usually less, up to 7-8 years. You should not put plants in the aquarium, as most cichlids either eat or just destroy them, only small rocks on the ground, as they love to dig it, and big rocks, pots that serve as homes for cichlids.

American cichlids are met in Central and South Americas. Central and South American cichlids should never be kept together as they have different water needs. Central American species' males usually get bigger than females, and males' fins are being longer.

Some species' males are dangerous for females. In that cases a divider should be used to protect the female. South American cichlids in nature are not dominant predators and are often being eaten by other fishes and birds. Because of it they feel uncomfortable in aquarium if they don't have enough places to hide or if there is too much light in the aquarium. American cichlids are most aggressive when breeding and can kill tank mates during that time.

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